Angel Catheter

People who are at risk for developing blood clots can be prescribed anti-coagulant medication. This risk is significantly increased by body trauma (such as from a car wreck) or a surgical procedure.  In those instances, a metal filter can be implanted into the largest vein in the body, the inferior vena cava, to collect any clots in the blood traveling to the heart from the entire body below the arms.

These implants are marketed by their manufacturer to be either permanent or temporary. However, the FDA has received many reports of problems with IVC filters that range from tilting of the filter in the vena cava, moving of the filter with the flow of blood from its original position in the vena cava, the filter’s legs piercing or perforating the wall of the vena cava, and the filter breaking apart in the vena cava and its broken legs traveling through the body.

Even though many are marketed for permanent use, the longer than an IVC filter is left inside a patient, the more likely that negative side effects will occur.

The filter’s tilting or migrating affect their ability to catch clots, and its perforating or puncturing the vena cave can cause internal bleeding.  When the filter breaks apart, pieces of the filter can travel to other organs. Further, once one of these events occurs the filter must be removed, and removal may have to be by open surgery.

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In addition, other dangerous devices and products include metal-on-metal hip replacement devices and hernia mesh. Call us today to learn how we can serve you justice.

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